For a company that is just starting out a small business loan may be hard to get. A person will have to have a solid business plan as well as collateral to put up for their business. If a person does not have this they may have a hard time getting a small business loans. There are some alternative ways to get funding to help a small business get up off the ground.

Debt Financing

business loanIf a small business meets certain qualifications they may qualify for debt financing. The financing is provided by lenders or organizations and is guaranteed by a SBA company that the loan will be repaid. This will greatly reduce the risk for lenders. The small business is applying for a commercial loan and is for businesses in certain economic conditions. These conditions are set forth by the government and they will change as the economy changes.

Surety Bonds
The Surety Bond Guarantee will help businesses that cannot get a bond through regular lenders. This body is issued between the business owner and the third party who is putting out the money. The borrower must comply with all the terms that is set forth in the contract of this lone. When a small business takes out this type of loan and is able to fulfill the contact it is good for their credit and their reputation. It shows they can be trusted to pay back a loan and complete their end of a business agreement.

How to Apply
When applying for a small business loan it is important to have a solid business plan. The lender will want to know exactly where their money is going and how it is going to be used. They are also going to be expecting a return on their profit. It is important to show them the potential for growth and any revenue that the business is already making. Before lending money they want to make sure the business is going to be profitable so they can get a return on their investment.

moneyA small business may be eligible for some grants from the government. Grant money does not have to be paid back. A person cannot get grants to start up or expand a business. They have to have a solid business plan and meet some other qualifications. There are a number of federal government agencies in which a person can look for grants. They can research grant information with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, The Department of Education, or the National Institute of Standards and Technology just to name a few.
These are just some of the funding sources for a small business. Starting a small business takes time, effort, dedication, and money. These are some ways that a small business can get a loan or get a grant in order to best service their customers.